My visit to RSPB Otmoor really brings home the risk of Brexit to our environment

As I walked around the field of RSPB's Otmoor site it became clearer and clearer to me that no one has a clue what measures will be put into place to protect the environment in the long term when we leave the EU.

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Autumn conference: an opportunity to recharge our liberal batteries

This year was an absolutely packed conference for me and my team - we organised two fringes ourselves and collaborated on a further two.

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Calais camp closures offer an opportunity for the UK to play full role

A conservative estimate of the number of refugees now displaced in France stands at 5,600 but there are figures which suggest it could be closer to 8,000 – that’s not to mention the 1,500 unaccompanied minors.



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Winning in Witney

As the by-election in Witney gets ever-nearer it'll be a case of all hands on deck - and your help is needed!


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Taking Wildlife Crime to the Top

I chair the cross-party group MEPs For Wildlife which helped deliver an EU Action Plan against Wildlife Trafficking. Which is why I was delighted this month to be part of the official European Parliament delegation to a major wildlife conference in South Africa.


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A Friendly Welcome at Conference

Autumn conference was fantastic this year. For me, it was such a pleasure to meet up with so many supportive friends and to regroup with my team to establish our purpose in all of this. We held a number of events on Brexit and I also attended a number – each and every one was packed - packed – no one can accuse the Lib Dems of not caring about Europe!


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Meet the Team


 Team Bearder promise to use plastic, recyclable cups instead of non-recyclable paper cups.

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Moving forward

It's been a dreadful time for all of us who believe in the European ideals of cooperation and trade between nations, building peace and security, protection of the environment and cultural exchange for both young and old.  The vote to leave the EU by the British people must be respected, or we risk diminishing our faith in democracy. But we know that it was made for a myriad of reasons and followed a campaign packed with lies that itself followed on from years of misinformation by the British media.

As if the referendum result was not bad enough, the rapid resignations and disappearance of those responsible for this debacle was undignified and left the UK the laughing stock of Europe.

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Erasmus - creating opportunities for everyone

EU Referendum

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