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Biodiversity must learn from climate change

The European Parliament has supported measures to protect biodiversity, but much more must be done to improve public awareness of biodiversity.

key_enviactionnow.pngMEPs warned that more action needs to be taken to protect Europe's 50% of species and up to 80% of habitats that are estimated to be currently under threat.

But biodiversity campaigner and South East Euro MP, Catherine Bearder, warned:

"Much more must be done to improve attitudes to biodiversity."

"Many people enjoy the benefits of our beautiful countryside and our varied wildlife; but if you ask them why it's important they often don't know."

"Biodiversity is central to sustaining life on earth. It provides us with the fields our farmers sow, the fish our fishermen catch, the plants our pharmacologists turn into medicines - all products that are taken for granted."

"Public attitudes to climate change were improved after years of hard work by activists. Biodiversity campaigners need to learn a few things from our colleagues and make sure biodiversity is pushed up the public agenda."

"As with measures to tackle climate change, action to protect biodiversity must be built in to all parts of society."

"I'm delighted the European Parliament has recognised that our agricultural policy, our fisheries policy and our wider environmental policies must all be geared towards protecting ecosystems and natural habitats."

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