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Bearder supports fair trade

This morning Catherine Bearder MEP attended a meeting of Fair Trade activists to show her support for making trade fair.


key_fairtrade.pngThe EU is currently negotiating trade agreements with many developing countries, and supporters of fair trade want to make sure these agreements facilitate development rather than hinder it.

A member of the Parliament's Committee on International Trade, Catherine said, "Too often fair trade is seen as a label for companies to improve their brand image, but we need to make sure the concept of fair trade is integrated into the world trading system."

The best way for developing countries to work themselves out of poverty is through trade. This gives local communities ownership of their economic development and ensures they are the drivers of it.

"But the money Europe pays for goods from these countries must go to the communities that produce these products. Trade will not help development if money stays in the hands of intermediary corporations - it must go to the societies and people on the ground."

"I hope the Commission will remember the support for fair trade across Europe when it carries out trade negotiations on our behalf."

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