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Bearder signs Lib Dem fishing petition

Once again it is the Liberal Democrats sticking up for the South East's fishermen.


Nick Perry, Lib Dem campaigner in Hastings, has started a petition demanding the Minister for Fisheries reinstate the quota that was given to the under-10m fishing boats back in February 2009. The Under-10s are struggling for lack of quota and the affect of this is felt hard by the local communities that depend of these fleets.
Fellow fisheries campaigner, Catherine Bearder MEP commented, "Despite all the talk and all the promises it is still only the Lib Dems that are sticking up for our fishermen."
"The under-10m fleets have been struggling for years down in Hastings thanks to the Labour government. Now we're rid of Labour we must help rid our fishermen of the problems Labour caused."
"I took a delegation of fishermen from South East England out to Brussels so they could speak to the Commissioner herself about the problems we face in the UK."
"It was a positive meeting and the Commissioner was very sympathetic to what they had to say. I hope it will lead to the reforms we need."

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