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Bearder says, "Show off your label"

Local Euro MP Catherine Bearder is encouraging people to "show off their label" for Fairtrade Fortnight.


key_Fairerfairtrade.pngThe 28th February to the 12th March is Fairtrade Fortnight. Events are taking place across the region with thousands ofpeople taking part and showing off their Fairtrade labels. Buying Fairtrade offers 7.5 million people in the developing world a fairer price for their products, and therefore grants them a more secure future.

Catherine Bearder, who is a member of the Parliament's Committee on International Trade, said:

"People can show off their Fairtrade labels in whatever way they want. Businesses are proudly showing off their support for Fairtrade, local schools are selling Fairtrade products from stalls, and I've even heard of a fashion show being held with clothes manufactured through Fairtrade."
"We need to make sure people in the developing world get a fair price for their products. Too often most of the profit is swallowed up by the western companies that transport these goods to our markets. The original producer only sees a tiny fraction of what their product was sold for."
"I hope all of us show our labels proudly over the next couple of weeks and encourage as many people as possible to buy Fairtrade."

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