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Bearder reminds Christmas travellers of EU travel benefits

Catherine Bearder is reminding everyone travelling to other countries in Europe this festive period of the benefits Britain's EU membership brings for their travel.

key_winterhouse.pngThe South East Euro-MP for the Liberal Democrats, lists cheap flights, cheaper phone calls and texts, guaranteed healthcare provision and emergency food and accommodation if your plane or ferry is cancelled as the main benefits of EU membership for holidaymakers.

Those flying with low cost airlines are able to do so only because EU rules obliged all EU countries to allow low cost airlines.

Those using mobile phones abroad will find that this winter they will pay no more than 7p for a text, 21p a minute for an outgoing call and 6p a minute for an incoming call. From July 2014, incoming call charges will be scrapped altogether.

Under European legislation on air and sea travel, passengers who are severely delayed or find their flight or crossing cancelled are entitled to free refreshments and accommodation overnight. A free transfer onto the next journey is also offered.

And those falling sick abroad or breaking bones on the ski slopes will benefit from free health care which is not available to non EU citizens.

Catherine said:

"Travelling and communicating across Europe has never been easier. From the airport departure lounge to your hotel room and beyond, holidaymakers are entitled to a huge number of rights and provisions, almost as if they were at home. The entitlement to free basic healthcare brings peace of mind to those hitting the slopes this Christmas or simply making the most of the festive period.

"Perhaps even critics of the EU will now note the positive changes that the European Union has made. Without the EU, UK holidaymakers would not benefit from cheaper travel. Outside the EU they would not be able to access free basic healthcare, be able to take their pets abroad or be entitled to free accommodation and refreshments if their flight home was delayed or cancelled."

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