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Bearder – “It’s time for greener road transport”

Local MEP Catherine Bearder has welcomed yesterday's vote in the European Parliament to make vans less polluting and greener.


key_electriccar.pngMEPs voted to pass a report in Strasbourg today that recommends higher standards on light commercial vehicle emissions - meaning vans will be built to produce less fumes and to not make our air as polluted as they currently do. 

Catherine commented, "I am delighted we have taken this great leap towards greener road transport."

"I've spoken to so many people across my constituency who are sick of fumes being pumped into the air by tradesmen's vans driving through their towns or villages. So far very little has been done to stop our roads being polluted, but now manufacturers will be obliged to make their vans less polluting and better for our environment."

"This new law give both a carrot and stick approach: there will be penalties for manufacturers who miss the targets, but also rewards for vehicle-makers who build highly efficient vehicles."

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