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Bearder: EU Must Live Within Its Means

Cutbacks means EU is finally getting its house in order, Catherine Bearder said today (Tuesday, July 2).

key_singleseat.pngThe South East MEP has welcomed a vote by MEPs to approve a major reform to EU staff regulations which will save billions of euros between 2013 and 2020.

Catherine said: "This shows the EU is finally beginning to get its house in order and is taking steps to live within its means.

"These reforms, which include cuts to staff and salaries, an increase in working hours and a two-year salary freeze, will deliver savings of eight billion euros by 2020.

"We now need to turn our attention to a number of other areas where more savings could be found. Up to 25 million euros of annual savings have already been found in translation costs and MEP expenses alone.

"Lib Dem MEPs believe there is still substantial scope to fund further savings and efficiencies in the cost of running the EU's administration and we are determined to realise them to ensure a fairer and more efficient European budget that delivers for UK taxpayers.

"Perhaps axing the monthly trip to Strasbourg would be another cut which could be considered!"



Under the rules approved today (Tuesday, July 2) by the European Parliament, staff numbers across the institutions are to be cut by five per cent by 2018, the pension age is to rise to 66, weekly working hours are to increase to 40, and salaries are to be frozen for 2013 and 2014.

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