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Bearder congratulates Met on trafficking victory

Catherine Bearder MEP has congratulated the Metropolitan Police in London after they saved 28 Roma children from a Romanian trafficking gang in east London (Tuesday 12th October).


key_policepolie.pngThe children were aged between 3 and 17 and are all now under police protection. In total seven men were arrested as a result of the police operation.

Anti-trafficking campaigner Catherine Bearder MEP has sent her congratulations to the Met. Catherine said, "I'm very glad the Met operation was so successful and managed to save 28 children from the clutches of trafficking gangs."

"No human life should be bought or sold as a commodity and we must do all we can to fight this 21st century slave trade."

"This weekend I am hosting an event in Oxford for EU Anti-Trafficking day."

"Trafficking doesn't just occur on the other side of the world; it happens right here in our towns and cities. The more people we can make aware of this the more we can do to tackle the problem."

"Operation Golf is an example of the success that cooperating on police operations at the European level can be produce. Despite much scare-mongering about it, EU action is making a positive difference to real people's lives."

Catherine Bearder MEP will be hosting an event, The Truth about Trafficking, at Oxford University's Oriel College, on Saturday 16th October at 7pm. Speakers include Superintendent Bernie Gravett of the Metropolitan Police Department and Julia Immonen of Sky Sports.

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