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Bearder bites the ballot

Today, Dartford's local Euro MP Catherine Bearder has met with students from Wilmington Academy to help them bite the ballot.

Started at Wilmington academy, Bite the Ballot is a grass roots campaign to promote the power of a young person's vote and inspire young people to become involved in democracy. With the help of online social media the campaign has spread from Dartford to all over the UK.

After speaking to a class at Wilmington Academy, Catherine Bearder said:

"I've been speaking today to students from Wilmington academy about what I do on their behalf as an MEP in Brussels. I've also been hearing from them about the future they want for their Europe."

"Its great to see young people using new and innovative methods to make democracy mean something to them. Anything we can do to nurture young people's interest in politics the better."

"I hope all young people learn to bite the ballot!"

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