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Bearder backs Prince Charles’ call for climate action

South East England's local MEP Catherine Bearder is supporting comments made by Prince Charles at the European Parliament today on climate action.


key_voting.pngReturning to the European Parliament three years since his first speech there, Prince Charles warned of the dangers the world will face if we ignore the problems of climate change. The Prince of Wales stated:

"We have to do more today to avert the catastrophes of tomorrow."

Local MEP Catherine Bearder, who attended the Prince's speech at the Parliament, commented, "I was delighted to hear such a strong and clear message on the potential threat of climate change."

"It's vital people start to realise what the world will look like if we bury our heads in the sand on climate change."

"The true cost of climate change will be huge if we do not act now."

"For too long short-term thinking has dominated our behaviour on this issue. We need to act today, to prevent environmental disaster tomorrow."

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