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A meeting of MEPs on Wednesday will hear new evidence from the EU Fisheries Commissioner about the crisis facing Europe's fisheries.

Maria Damanaki will tell members of the 'Fish for the Future' group in the European Parliament that tonnes of fish landed at EU ports fell by 30% between 1998 and 2008.

key_hugh.pngShe will say that survival of much of Europe's fishing industry is at risk, and that overfishing must cease, even though there may be consequences for employment.
Local Euro MP, Catherine Bearder, fears that plans for reform expected to be announced by the Commission next month will face a "tough fight".
"There are still a lot of MEPs and governments across Europe who simply don't get it. Short-term thinking continues to prevail."
"We have too many boats chasing too few fish. If there are no fish left, there will be no jobs for fishermen and no fish on the plate."
The meeting will also hear speakers from the EU Fish Processors' Association, from environment campaigners WWF, and from burger chain McDonalds.
In July 2010 Catherine Bearder MEP took a delegation of fishermen from South East England to meet with Commissioner Damanaki. The delegation expressed concerns about issues that affect the South East's fishing industry, and it received positive assurances from Commissioner Damanaki that their concerns would be included in the reforms.

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