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A Grand Result -Success for the Conference Access Group

As chair of the Conference Access Group, Catherine was able to thank the Grand Hotel in Brighton for managing to install a lift for wheelchair users in time for the Lib Dem conference.

key_grandhotel.pngAt their site visit in March, members of the CAG were dismayed to find that the existing ramp was not DDA compliant. They were concerned that the members attending conference and using wheelchairs would not be able to gain access to the main conference hotel.

However the Grand Hotel pulled out all the stops and managed to install a lift in place of the ramp in time for the Lib Dem conference, finishing just a day or so before the conference opened.

"We were delighted to find the lift open for our conference" said Catherine, "I know that some of our members were very concerned about the ramp and the Grand have been very helpful. Not only has this helped us, but it will make the hotel a more accessible place for all their visitors. Well Done The Grand!"

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