Lib Dem MEP Tells Brexiteers "We Want Our Country Back"

Liberal Democrat MEP for the South East, Catherine Bearder, today called on voters to stand up to the government in the upcoming local elections in May.

During the debate on the European Parliament's Brexit Resolution, she spoke out against the lies of the referendum campaign and stated "We are angry and we want our country back. It belongs inside the European Union."

Mrs Bearder also emphasised that, as a Liberal Democrat, she would not only fight against Brexit, but to ensure the people have a final say on the deal. Watch the speech below:


Lib Dem MEP warns Brexit could endanger rare species

The British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums (Biaza) have expressed concern that Brexit will negatively impact EU-wide animal breeding programmes.

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Lib Dem MEP calls for EU to step up the fight against human trafficking

Yesterday in Parliament, Catherine Bearder, Liberal Democrat MEP for the South East, spoke in a debate on human trafficking.

She commended the EU's progress in tackling the crime, however we "must do more" she stated.

She called on the Commission to produce its new strategy for preventing the crime and stressed the importance on supporting the victims.

Watch the speech here:


Cross-party MEPs call for UK government to end uncertainity for citizens

Catherine Bearder MEP along with both UK and non-UK MEPs have written to Robert Goodwill MP, the Minister of State for Immigration on the issues facing EU and UK citizens.

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My challenge to Andrea Leadsom: Protect EU funding for vulnerable wildlife

After an exclusive report by the Independent on the threat to funding for critically endangered wildlife in UK Overseas Territories, I have written to Environment Secretary Andrea Leadsom calling on the Government to guarantee this funding. 

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800,000 song birds illegally trapped and killed on a British military base in Cyprus

Catherine Bearder, a Liberal Democrat MEP and the Chair of the MEPs For Wildlife Group, has written a letter to Michael Fallon MP, the Secretary of State for Defence regarding the killing of songbirds on a British military base in Cyprus.

Over 800,000 songbirds were illegally trapped and killed last Autumn according to the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.

These creatures are being killed by illicit criminal gangs who profit from selling these birds on the black market.

Please see the letter below that was sent to Mr Fallon.

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Farmed rabbits must be protected

Catherine Bearder, a Liberal Democrat MEP, welcomes the new minimum standards proposed to improve the welfare of farmed rabbits.

Over 1.07 billion rabbits are slaughtered each year as the drive for global rabbit meat production continues to increase. This meant rabbits became the second most frequently farmed species after chickens in the EU in 2014.

Rabbits must have more space, the reports says. They must be also offered a better variety of food and a more natural level of social interaction.

Catherine Bearder MEP said:

“The EU must continue to maintain high levels of animal welfare - this is why I am supporting the proposed changes.”

“Not everyone is aware of the conditions of farmed rabbits, but the time has come to ensure they are treated as well as other farmed animals.”

“These measures will ensure rabbits are kept in more humane conditions. It is right to ensure these animals face a healthy and happy life.”

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“Stop wasting food”, European Parliament says

Today the European Parliament overwhelmingly supported EU-wide plans to cut down on food waste.

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Lib Dem MEP calls for EU funding for endangered species to be protected

Wildlife protection programmes on UK Overseas Territories benefit from European funding worth up to £1.3m.

 The Overseas Territories range from the Carribean to the South Atlantic and are home to many endangered species.

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Oxford MEP supports Oxford University leaders’ plea to keep EU nationals in the UK

In response to a letter from 35 Oxford University College leaders saying the university would suffer “enormous damage” if the Government fails to safeguard the future of EU nationals living in the UK, Catherine Bearder commented:

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