Good - elephant poaching down! Bad - too many elephants are still dying at the hands of poachers!

Today a report by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (Cites) reveals ivory seizures have reached a ‘record high’ last year while poaching has levelled off in many areas.

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Catherine Bearder MEP statement on sexual harassment in the European Parliament

As an MEP on the European Parliament’s Advisory Committee dealing with harassment complaints between Accredited Parliamentary Assistants (APAs) and Members (MEPs) I would like to make the following statement.

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Letter to Amber Rudd MP on registering EU citizens rights

EU citizens can only be registered in the UK if British nationals are also required to do the same.

Our cross-party letter to the UK Home Secretary.

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MEP warns the PM’s Brexit means UK ‘Open for Business’ for traffickers

To mark EU Anti-Trafficking Day, Catherine Bearder MEP has issued a stark warning: Brexit means the UK should get ready to house thousands more human traffickers as they flee Europe.

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How environmental crime became an EU security priority for 2018-21

In May 2017, EU justice ministers decided that environmental crimes – including wildlife trafficking and waste crimes – would be one of the EU’s ten priorities for the fight against serious and organised crime during the 2018-21 policy cycle. Catherine Bearder evokes how this decision came to being.

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David Davis calls for Catherine Bearder MEP to be sacked!

The Tories have now resorted to instructing opposition politicians on how to vote! Read this extraordinary letter Vince got from David Davis and watch Catherine Bearder MEPs response.

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MEP welcomes the Government's Ban on Ivory Trade

Today the Environment Secretary, Michael Gove announced that the sale and export of almost all ivory items would be banned in the UK under plans to be set out.

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MEP comments on Prime Minister's Florence Speech

"Why the Prime Minister's speech took place in Florence is still a mystery. The waffle fell far short of those served in Belgium.

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Wildlife conservationist killed in Tanzania

Last Wednesday, Wayne Lotter the head of an animal conservation NGO, was shot dead by an unknown gunman in Dar es Salaam whilst being driven from the airport to his hotel.

Mr Lotter was the director and co-founder of the PAMS foundation and had received numerous death threats as a result of his fight against poaching and ivory trafficking networks. He was a prominent figure in the global wildlife conservation community and was largely credited with reducing the poaching rates in Tanzania.

Catherine Bearder, Liberal Democrat MEP for the South East, said:

"The death of Wayne Lotter is an utter tragedy. Our thoughts are with his family, friends and colleagues during this difficult time.

"Wayne devoted his life to combatting illegal wildlife trafficking and I know those of us fortunate to have worked with him are greatly saddened by his death.

"Wayne was a real champion for elephants. He understood the key role they play in the environment, in the vital tourist industry and he was most passionate in his work supporting the local communities who live with elephants.

"We must carry on fighting wildlife trafficking in continuing Wayne’s legacy."

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Electric Mini is a huge relief for Oxford and the UK economy - Catherine Bearder MEP

BMW announced today its plan to build the new electric Mini in its plant in Cowley, Oxford.

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