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  • commented 2018-01-27 20:39:56 +0000
    The UK government is to establish a new unit to counter “fake news”, Downing Street has said.

    Theresa May’s spokesman said the “dedicated national security communications unit” would be charged with “combating disinformation by state actors and others”.

    “We are living in an era of fake news and competing narratives,” he said.

    At the meeting in Bath, I wanted to ask you if the lies told by the Leave Campaign, particularly Boris Johnson with the £350 million a week for the NHS and 75 million Turks about to have the right to come to the UK, in view of the above statement invalidate the result of the referendum?
  • commented 2017-06-21 15:12:07 +0100
    I recently returned from a holiday in Croatia, while there I talked to a young man about his country. One of the things that concerned me, was that many farmers cannot return to their land because of land mines still there from the war 25 years ago. Is the EU doing anything to remove these land mines? Thanks. (I’m secretary of the Brighton & Hove Lib Dems.
  • commented 2017-05-23 19:41:44 +0100

    a few weeks ago I’d been working on a temp contract for an agency ( ) at a recycling centre (Biffa,  Eastleigh).

    I’m an unemployed graduate who’d once worked in publishing, but had leave work due to illness.

    I was told before starting the assignment  (a zero hour contract) it would be an hourly rate of pay at the minimum wage (7.20) and I’d be sifting through paper and plastic, but occasionally you’d find an odd black bag and it would get  a little smelly.

    First day I’d met the other agency staff who were all Polish, hardly spoke a word of English, but were very friendly and welcoming.  I was given, gloves, glasses, a uniform and a health and safety talk. The supervisor asked me what the agency had said about the rubbish on the conveyor belt, which presumably got sent to a landfill or incinerator after we’d sorted it. I’d said they sometimes got general waste, but they’d all just laughed at me.

    They worked hard and I worked hard, and I could tell they were impressed as I was the only other English person working there. The English guy said he wasn’t really happy that no one spoke English and that the job itself was disgusting, but he was just doing it to get out the house.

    After my hand swelled up, I ‘d considered whether to quit, but didn’t want to let people down, or play into the stereotype that the English were workshy, plus I needed the money.

    Unfortunately, the second shift made up my mind for me. For almost 4 hours we had to stop work and observe rafts of general waste, including nappies, rotting food crawling with maggots and god knows what.

    I let the agency know the next day that I was quitting because I thought it was unsanitary and the rotting meat probably had diseases, and therefore felt it was unsafe they should speak to Biffa. The response I’d received from the agency was that they’d warned me it was smelly work but everyone there was happy.  I’d checked Biffa’s guidelines and does state that foodstuffs and general waste was not acceptable among the recyclables

    I’d recently seen a TV Corbyn giving a press talk in which he specifically stated that he wanted to improve the working conditions for employees and to stop employers from exploiting/hiring migrant workers from outside the country (I voted remain). I’ve never heard Theresa May discuss this issue or employers exploiting workers in any of her press releases

    Kind regards,

  • followed this page 2016-12-15 12:29:55 +0000
  • commented 2016-12-15 12:28:46 +0000
    Audrey, Please thank Catherine for her Christmas card and a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you both. I have noticed a change recently regarding Brexit and see the remain vote at last being heard and considered especially among Conservative MP’s and some Brexiteers. I have also noticed that some people who voted Brexit are beginning to regret their vote and belive this is not going to make any difference to their lives at all. I consider this is encouraging news and we need to carry on with the Remain campaigne.
  • commented 2016-07-20 14:58:39 +0100
    Dear Reader,

    You may be interested in reading the following news report:

    The Brexit the hell that was quickly postponed

    Thank you very much for your attention,

    Best regards,

    Jessy Jauns

    Follow Cyceon :

    Twitter :

    Facebook :
  • commented 2016-03-31 15:58:01 +0100
    We are trying to track down some campaigning materials for the IN Together campaign. We saw badges and stickers at the Spring conference and were told we could be supplied with more. A three weeks of unanswered emails and calls have finally elicited the response of, ‘Run out, more more left, none to be reordered’. Surely this is not enough, we have 12 weeks left, just when s=we need these for street stalls etc, just as the sun is coming out and the weather warming up.

    Please le us know where to get more. We have ordered leaflets direct from the European campaign office.

    Thnak you

    Susan Jefferies, Dorset County Councillor

    01202 699647

    The Barn

    Beacon Road


    Dorset BH18 9JL
  • commented 2016-03-14 18:51:21 +0000
    I was at the Spring Conference in York over the weekend and saw all your ‘What does the EU mean for you’ leaflets. I am a Dorset County Councillor and we plan to run street stalls throughout Dorset and I would like 50 of each of your leaflets please, I understand you can post them to me. All would be relevant, Students, Under 25’s, over 50’s, holiday makers, Countryside, Farming, small businesses, academics and scientists, shopping. Please let me know how we can get them.

    yours susan jefferies
  • posted about this on Facebook 2016-03-14 18:45:21 +0000
    Constituency Office
  • commented 2016-02-20 18:17:09 +0000
    re: the rally in Ipswich this morning. I am happy to write to local papers in Essex to counter the out-campaign and persuade other LDs in Southend to do the same. Grateful if your office could provide texts as a basis for letters. Many thanks. Chrios Bailey, Southend on Sea Local Party.
  • commented 2015-11-09 22:42:12 +0000
    I Listened to a recent edition of BBC Radio 4`s You and Yours where Winifred Robinson interviewed Catherine Beader on the subject of EU relaxation of diesel emissions regulations – presumably for the benefit of VW and maybe other european car makers. Ms Beader quoted this was “All done in secret and behind closed doors”.

    I note Ms Beader currently chairs the Lib Dem Lead not Leave campaign to Stay in Europe. Given this most recent humiliating experience will she now be re-assessing her position and considering adding her number to the other 34 Lib Dem politicians who have wisely registered support for the Leave.EU campaign ?

    I look forward to receiving your reply
  • commented 2015-10-30 18:22:12 +0000
    Am writing a short article for “The Looker” on nicotinoids and their effect on bees. Can I have a quote from Catherine please? Also how can Romney Marsh resdents make their views known to the EU?i
  • posted about this on Facebook 2015-10-18 12:04:21 +0100
    Constituency Office
  • @belkhenousmoha1 tweeted link to this page. 2015-10-18 12:04:15 +0100
  • commented 2015-09-15 19:19:12 +0100
    “I hope the myth of benefit tourism will now be put firmly to bed”

    Seriously, You are saying this is a Myth?

    How are you an MEP? when you are clearly this deluded.
  • commented 2015-09-15 13:43:06 +0100
    More than 90 survivors from a boat which sank off the coast of Greece on Sunday, killing at least 35, were brought here to the island of Leros.

    I heard this, today, 15 September 2015, and was horrified.

    Getting anything done through Europe, who are arguing over who can take the emigrants who are already IN Europe, is not dealing with the problem over many more who are paying to travel, from a dangerous place BUT where is it most dangerous – now.

    Anything happens in War, when no-one is there to stop it happening. Surely Europe, combined army, going into Syria as peacekeepers must be discussed? This should have been done at the start At no time has Peace been discussed, as in peace-keeping mission. Couldn’t that be tried.

    The people smugglers are unscrupulous and a combined Europe peacekeeping force which is the only way of gaining control of the seas, surely must be instigated to stop any more crime being committed. Smugglers are a money making band of pirates, breaking the law of Europe.
  • commented 2015-07-05 13:25:05 +0100
    Please ensure that in the forthcoming vote on Freedom of Panorama, Catherine will vote to extend the current UK system to all EU countries, not abandon it.
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